About 11am yesterday, I heard Jack making an odd whimpering noise in his room. I went in and checked on him and he was face down on his blanket. I picked him up and he was completely limp, his eyes were rolled back in his head and he wasn't really making any more noise.

I shook him just a little up and down in my arms and he started to scream, so I went into the bathroom with him and set him upright on my lap on the edge of the bathtub. He was just whimpering again and so I ran cool water over him because he was burning hot and though his eyes were still looking up and to the side, I was talking to him trying to get him to focus.

When he started focusing, I stood him up in the shower and took off all his clothes. He started screaming again, but at least he was able to look at me. Then I took him out of the shower and he started to shake violently and his eyes didn't focus again and so I laid him down on the towel on the ground and got a diaper and a t-shirt for him and once he was dressed in that and jeans, I sat with him on the couch where he just shivered and slept.

I called my sister with, "I need you to not panic, but leave work, we need to take Jack to the ER, I'm pretty sure he had a seizure." Of course, she was going to panic, right? She made it home in one piece and we left for Valley. She called David who met us as we were checking and they took us back right away.

They did a chest x-ray (WHICH INVOLVED PUTTING HIM IN A CLEAR PLASTIC TUBE NOT FUN) and a urine sample (WHICH INVOLVED A CATHETER TWICE) and could find no reason for a sudden spike in temperature. It had been 102.6 when I checked it and it was 101.9 when we got there (after Tylenol).

They gave him two doses of Tylenol and one of Ibuprofen and it was still only 99.5 when we left.

We have an appointment today at 2:10 with his pediatrician. We'll try and see what's going on then.


I have to say that picking up a limp baby? AGAIN? Nearly did me in. Seriously, my brain shut down. It took a good ten seconds before I went, "He's warm" and the rest of me was able to be calm. Like, "Okay, he's ALIVE so the rest is cake." Cheryl was like, "That could not have been easy for you."

:( No. It wasn't.


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