It's really kind of sad that I measure my fall in terms like this:

School starts! Halloween! NaNo! Thanksgiving! Christmas! New Years! :D

And I'm so giddy excited for all of it and it starts somewhere after my birthday, which is in July. So it goes: Kyle's birthday, my birthday, Cher's birthday (at the end of July) and then in August, we start getting ready for school and then that. So, really? My July statement that it's almost Christmas time is completely and totally legit.

Add to that that this year I'm not utterly sick and doing the chemo/radiation schedule (CAN I GET A HOLLA!) and I feel really good about it.

So, here we go. I've already got an idea going for NaNo this year and I head over the [NaNo] site, and they have the new web badges up!

I've chosen mine (and the icon to go with), and I'm totally in the mood. Less than a month to go, technically. November 1, babies. :) I'm so excited.

WHO ALL IS PLAYING ALONG THIS YEAR? And who is going to cheerlead? And who wants to play but NEEDS cheerleaders?
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