Today, as most of you know, would have been my mother's 62nd birthday. We celebrated by driving out to Ocean Shores. This was quite the adventure. It shouldn't have been. LOL

First, I sent Kyle to school, then had to go get him. Then, Cher forgot to drop off rent, so we had to go back and do that. Then we had to go to my bank, then we got lost in Olympia. Then we took three different exits looking for a grocery store and not one of them HAD one. The next exit - one I didn't take? A TOP food and drug, right there.

So, I see a sign with a SAFEWAY logo? I take the exit and end up in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, Cher was swearing it like 'The Hills Have Eyes' and that we'd see a shack with "SAFWAEY" painted on it and that we were all going to die. So, we finally see this Safeway, I cut across traffic to get into the parking lot and end up grounding my poor car on the divider. *SIGH*

Finally, we get to Ocean Shores. :D

It started when I pulled onto the beach. I though, "Oh, pretty birds, I shall treat you to the Cheetos I bought!"


I tossed oh, ten Cheetos in the general direction of this MOB of birds thinking that they'd fight to the death for them? No. NO. These fucking birds looked at me and thought, "THIS BITCH HAS A BAG!", and no shit? CAME AT ME.

I turned and RAN for the car, using my sister as a shield.

Seriously. Look! FIFTY of them. And they HOVERED. But they were fun to look at. We emptied a bag of Cheetos and one of tortilla chips. It was good times.

Then Jack and Cher and Kyle and I ran around on the beach, with Ky and Cher feeding the birds from their hands. I was not at ALL that brave after reliving 'The Birds' all on my own.

After leaving the beach, we went and got saltwater taffy (worth driving all that way for on it's own), then got lunch at The Sandcastle. After that, Jack and I rode in ONE bumper car while Cher and Kyle tore it up against each other. :D

Needless to say, the drive home was much, MUCH shorter. :) And everyone slept but me.
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