Yesterday, my sister went to Forks with her boyfriend. It's a four hour drive and her plan was to spend last night at his place and come home this morning. So, I thought to myself, "Self? Why should Kyle and Jack and I just sit at home and be braindead all day? We, too, should have a shiny adventure!"

SO! We, too, drove off... just in a different direction. :D

And we ended up in Leavenworth!

Everything in Leavenworth is meant to be Bavarian and look like it belongs in the Sound of Music. For example? McDonalds - and no joke, this place was SO busy, the line was out the door.

And the village itself is very quaint and tiny and you just walk up and down the streets and look at shops:

Of course, you can always duck in and have brats and beer, so we did that. Kyle HAD to have one. And the shops are like, SUPER expensive. But they're high class (like this chocolate shop - they hand you your chocolate with white gloves like in France) and they have one dedicated to Christmas stuff all year round called, "Kris Kringl" and it's GLORIOUS.

Took a couple more photos and then we left! There for a couple of hours and it took a couple to get there, but it was a lot of fun :D The boys slept in the car on the way home, natch.

... and then I'll tell you all how last night I met Christian Kane and Steve Carlson. :)


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