Anne Hathaway @ the 2009 Academy Awards

Then? THEN?! She sang and she danced with Hugh Jackman during his opening number. Proof?

Gorgeous. Utterly gorgeous.

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I adored that gown. Definitely one of the, like, top 5 for the night. I didn't figure for all the white/off-white/silver, which made the few gals with color stand out.

And yes, she was spectacular in the opening number. I wonder if anyone's still developing a Wicked movie. They could do a lot worse than cast her if they're looking for someone with movie fame.

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I love that opening number SO MUCH. Hugh.... yum.

I adored her dress, it looked like an Antigone gown for sure. And Eric's right - I wonder if she could pull off Wicked. Elphaba, maybe...?

Look at the crowd, they love that opening. Standing ovation. How can anyone NOT like it? Especially the end - "I am Wolveriiiiiiine!"

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That was my favorite line, OMG. I was at a party with friends and we were laughing so hard that several of us spilled our champagne. We're now wondering how long it's going to be before someone caps that scene from the performance and gives Hugh Jackman the claws and mutton chops.

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