You want bigotry? I got your bigotry right here:

There ya go.

For the record? The LDS church doesn't make a forceful stance on politics, ANY politics. What they do is say where the church stands and tell you to vote your conscience.

OH, is that pressure? Because a CHURCH defines marriage between a man and a woman and says, "Now, go vote your conscience", will everyone? No. Oh, hey, Steve Young, you NFL Quarterback and descendant of Brigham Young, what are YOU voting this year?

"We believe ALL families matter and we do not believe in discrimination, therefore, our family will vote against Prop. 8" ... well, good for you. :D

See, not all Mormons are going to push their way into your home and forcibly take your wedding rings and rip up your wedding certificate.

ALTHOUGH, I do have to say, if the missionaries rifled through my panty drawer, I think they'd be sorely disappointed.

P.S.: What the alphabet would look like with the letters Q & R removed )

And I just really like this icon.

Thoughts on historical winnings in the morning.
So, Lindsay Lohan endorsed Barack Obama whilst calling Sarah Palin a 'media obsessed homophobe'. THEN she said she wanted to host events to attract young voters. The Obama people said to the Chicago Sun-Times that eh, Lindsay wasn't the kinda gal they were looking for.

The email they sent to Lindsay?

Dear Ms. Lohan,

Don't make him take out his pimp hand.

Obama/Biden '08 Campaign Team


EDITED TO ADD: Found this icon many times. Have showed it to many people separately. Now? HERE:

Enjoy. I think it's... well, cute. And, since I forgot to add credit, here: ladypolitikladypolitik made it. :)
Just because McCain added a va-jay-jay to his ticket doesn't mean he gives a shit about yours.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA. It was funny, okay? I laughed. Hell, even [the comments] were funny.

why is my only laughing icon of Anne?
The next person who tells me that they know who I'm voting for is getting defriended until mid-November.

Why? Because I don't know who I'm voting for.

Why? Because I don't jump to conclusions, base my votes on one or two issues or vote party lines.

Why? Because my mommy taught me better than that.

Put more gently?

I'm a socially liberal, economically conservative INDEPENDENT. Yes, I voted for Bush the last two times he was in office. The first time, I thought he'd do a good job. The second? I thought he should clean up his mess.

And if Bush could run for a third term? Well... psh. I'd vote for Cheryl's dog first.


So, no. You do NOT know who I'm going to vote for. Clearly.

[/last srsbidness post on Campaign 08]
[Dunst Backs Obama]

Actress Kirsten Dunst has vowed to do "whatever is necessary" to ensure U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama is elected into office.

The 26-year-old is endorsing the Democrat and insists she is prepared to go to great lengths to help him win the White House race.

She says, "I absolutely adore him and I'll do whatever is necessary to help him become the next president. I'm so excited that he is running.

"I'm aware that he does have some factors against him. For example, his father is African, and not an African-American, and he doesn't have much experience.

And Dunst is convinced that because Obama is so open-minded, he is the best person for the job.

She adds, "(But) I think he can do a lot for people of my generation. He's such a dashing statesman. I love that he just lays it all on the table. He already wrote the book. He's just everything you want a president to be."


Internet phenom MO has vowed to do "whatever is necessary" to ensure actress Kirsten Dunst takes a long walk off a short pier.

The personable lady, who declined to give her age, insists that she is prepared to go to great lengths to not only ensure that Dunst stays underwater this time, but make sure that her mission fails.

She says, "I absolutely loathe this broad and I'll do whatever is necessary to shove her nasty ass off the edge. I'm so excited for this opportunity.

"I'm aware that she does have some factors for her. For example, she is one of the snaggle-toothed undead, and not an actual zombie, and she could possibly survive."

And MO is convinced that because Dunst is so grody and quite possibly hunting for human flesh, she is long overdue for the plunge.

She adds, "(But) the people of my generation haven't been this horrified by a graceless, fashionless, bumbling whore in a very long time. She wrote the book. She's everything you'd expect a vampire/zombie/creature of the night to be. I'll be doing humanity a favor and dentists everywhere will thank me. Then? I'll vote for John McCain."


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