SAM: I called her number and got an animal hospital.

(I hit the floor. TOO FUNNY.)
Okay, a different post since I've watched the episode now.

It was a pretty good ep, but what other people saw as funny and here I cut to avoid spoiling people for Titanic )

And that scene again:


Dancing Queens.
... but watching Capslock SPN get kicked off of FandomSecrets? *snickers* OH MY GOD.

Okay, so the mod finds out that Capslock SPN has a tag 'f!s'. Well, yeah. Because they take the SPN secrets daily and mock them. If they're SERIOUSLY mock-worthy, well, heaven help the person who made it because these people are FUNNY AS SHIT.

Well, some of them are trolls. Jensen/Horse? Come on. So the girls at Capslock SPN call each other out and act as if each of THEM made it and no, not always. Every now and again, maybe. So, the Fandom Secrets mod hears that they have this tag and what does he do?

MAKES A POST SAYING THAT TROLL-y SPN SECRETS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Well, most of the secrets over there are LOL worthy, so who decides? He says that anyone who's secret gets tossed into the 'troll' pile can say (either in PM or anon comment) that it's a 'REAL' secret. Well, who's to say that a TROLL won't do the same?

DUDE. This is Fandom Wank waiting to happen. Also? The post calling out Capslock SPN has far more comments than the one with today's secrets.

Amused? Me. *hee* Yeah, a lot.

The WINCHESTERS love them! Sarah (who's IJ I don't know she doesn't have an IJ, yet who writes [ profile] doubleup) said she wanted a vid to this song. I asked for the song... and yeah :D VID!


Seriously? There is seriously wank in the SPN fandom about DEAN WINCHESTER using 'skank' 'whore' and 'bitch' as words to define, oh, say... female demons?

You know, the things he's been fighting since childhood? This guy has spent his entire life on the road, shooting stuff and exorcising bad guys. Vampires, werewolves, demons, gods, what-have-you and after THREE SEASONS IN, fandom is bothered?

... I'm a bit bothered by fandom.

See, he doesn't call Ellen a bitch or a whore or a skank. Or Jo. Or Cassie. Why do you think that is? I mean, other than the fact that Ellen would rip his spine out. But seriously? He gets angry at demons and riles them up and yeah... big surprise. What do women freak about about? "OMG, so-and-such called me a bad name!"

Seriously, wanna piss of a random female? Call her a whore. Or worse? Cunt. Why? Because these are apparently VERY DEGRADING TERMS. "I just called you a VAGINA!"

So, now everyone is up in arms because, after three seasons, Dean called Bela all kinds of names. Or Ruby. Or something. I don't know, really. But someone made a post with the degrading things Dean said and NO JOKE, everyone lost their shit. But, back to Bela. Nevermind the fact he left her to die (and yeah, he knew after he confronted her because he recognized the stuff on her doorway). But don't call her an ugly whore. Or a skank. Or a bitch. That's just really taking it too far in our fictional world, you big misogynist.

Misogynist. Word this is SO being tossed around like it's nothing.

Seriously: House is a douche but in the end, he saves patients so it's okay that he has never called Thirteen by her name? That he talks about Cuddy's breasts all the time? ALL THE TIME. Point me out the difference.

Finale = Pretty decent. Not as "ZOMGHEARTWRENCHING" as most people say. I wanted SO HARD for Bela to come back with the Colt and just blow Ruby/Lilith or the little girl away.

Speaking of the little girl, she was a creepy M&F'er. I mean, I get that people want their kids in showbiz and stuff, but who sits around and goes, "Yeah, I want it to look like my kid kills small animals in her free time." That's just... yeah, no.

That SAID, I think SHE should grabbed Sam and said, "Your lips are soft" all 'oooh' like. Because that woulda just sent me over the edge. :D

However, behind the cut is something that oh, everyone that I know should see. Cher, I'm talkin' to you, sweetcheeks. :P Lani. Lodi. RACHAEL... oh yeah, me too. I think Meredith is safe. This is what awaits us.

Dean shouldn't have cracked so many jokes.

This would be a spoiler pic )

[Today's puzzle completed 1 Min, 22 Secs]



So, I have a meeting with the school this afternoon. I knew Rach was gonna hafta work and I figured that Cher was gonna be working, so... yeah. Wish me luck. I just really don't want to do that 'get frustrated and to avoid saying/doing something I shouldn't I start crying' thing. Cher does it, too. OH, those people make me SO ANGRY. Grr.


BUT! The most beautiful pink and white Gerber Daisies were delivered to my house this morning. Just gorgeous. <3 Thank you, Meredith. I'll take them with me tomorrow. *LOVES* You're awesome.


THIS icon is still making me giggle. All because Kara started Cult of Mo on LJ and now it's here, too. *hee* Join and KEEP YOUR BALLS. No Kool-Aid. ;)


What happens when RP meets... well, LANI's commentary and Meredith's graphic skillz. *snickers*


TONIGHT: BSG - OMG YAY! Kara's whacked. Gaisu-san = Still the only one getting laid. Someone DO something, thanks. :) Dad? Mom? ... ugh, LEE? Geez.

LAST NIGHT: SUPERNATURAL - Too bad that Lani's spent the last few eps out of my timezone. No more going, "Oh, crap! Gotta get on the horn with her."



So, everyone at UtR was joining this New Game of Awesome and was like, "JOIN THIS!" So, I app'd, right? Accepted, made my OOC intro post. *hee* And who should comment but OMFG- BRIX. Oh, my gooduhness, BRIX! I did not know you were an RP'er here. Last time I RP'd with Brix was at Celebsomethingorother on LJ. And THAT was whacked. Only time in my life I enjoyed messing with Kate Bosworth. *hee* ANYWAY. THIS is gonna be fun. <3

So, see why I needed tons of icons? Too many topics to cover them all.

Plus: Jo, glad Strider's doing better. Cher? No more dizzy-driving. Rach, the IRS can suck cock.

It's so funny, I was reading || THIS ARTICLE || and there was suddenly a *pop* as my brain went kaboom.

Well, okay, a *boom*? Something. ANYWAY, the point is, 'Duh'.

Also? It's a GOOD thing that I have a friend that DOES watch MUCH the same shows I do:

The Why Isn't Vaughn Dead?* show? Yeah, Lodi and I were all over THAT one while most of fandom was still watching, Sydney and Vaughn Forever!*. Personally, I was watching the Jack and Irina Foreplay show, co-starring Agent Weiss. *shrugs* What can I say?

Other shows I'm currently engaged in? )
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( Apr. 24th, 2008 09:43 pm)
There are some days I'm just... glad I'm me.

Glad I know the people I know.


That's all.



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