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( Dec. 22nd, 2008 06:43 pm)
Lani is here. It is her birfday. We has the Alcohol and the Guitar Hero.

And Supernatural. EDIT: And Tropic Thunder once David the Horrible goes to bed. *snerk*

Later, we may have Cake and Spaghetti. For some reason I'm not allowed to cook. Who knows?

Edits as necessary.

EDIT: Lani made the Pennesketti because I couldn't. Cher said that no one wanted to drive me to the hospital if I hurt myself so I threw a pill bottle at her head. The food was good. And now we drink moar.

EDIT AGAIN: After a few more BREWSKIES and a TWITTER-OFF, we finished Tropic Thundah and have moved onto some Nathan Fillion Frightfest thing called... Sliiiiiiiiiither. Oooooooooooooh. Ew? Ooh? Ew.

Today is scifijunkieMEREDITH'S birthday! :D And normally, I'd put a lot more thought into a graphic for a friend that was having a birthday, but you see, Meredith is a Graphics Goddess.

She's the one that makes ALL my headers, EVERYWHERE. Ever.


Since anything I attempted to make in photoshop would have just absolutely left me looking like a dumbass, I went for the arty look with my red/white/black scheme.

Clever, huh?

AT ANY RATE, Meredith is my OTP and OURLOVEISSOLOVEY. Don't forget it. ♥

Pick up your Birthday Song =here=!

Yay for friendships that survive the hardships of... Disney. <3 ILU and all that jazz. *MWAH*


Pick up your Birthday Song =here=!

Also, thank you so much for taking me to see WarGames even though you thought you hated it. The fact that you were willing to take ME for MY birthday the night before YOURS? Just... you really don't have any idea how much that means to me. So, thank you. <3

Even if Joshua DID break into the theater system. *HEE*

Just got home from the midnight showing of The Dark Knight for my birthday present (HELLO!MIDNIGHT) from Rachael. <3

No, no spoilers. Not at the moment. Analysis tomorrow. Or today, later. :)

I do, however, need a red motorcycle. PRONTO, hello.
Another shower followed by a stint in the jacuzzi tub equalled a little bit of relief, but eh. I still feel so queasy. :-/ That's just gonna be that, apparently.

Muse-wise: Shan's game is still going great. The rest of them, it's a lil prompt here and a lil prompt there just to keep them up and running, but other than that, eh. I mean, Antigone has the propensity to still be the loudest, but I don't want to RP with anyone when it comes to her. Her history is too... complicated. Hattie and Kitt are still the cutest thing this side of the Rockies and after watching the extended stuff with BSG... well, THOSE muses are just SCREAMING. :D In a good way, of course.

And then, it's the personal stuffs... like, ZOMGBIRTHDAYS! )


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