She was going through and reading the AIM convo I'd had with Eric where we'd named the married couples we have going:

- Lee/Dee ([insanejournal.com profile] arrow_of_apollo/[insanejournal.com profile] stuck_in_cic)
and because we'd just made Rosalie & Emmett from Twilight: [insanejournal.com profile] iceblonde & [insanejournal.com profile] hellsnotsobad.

Well, she pointed out we forgot Anne & Nicky ([insanejournal.com profile] elegant_legacy & [insanejournal.com profile] deck_gangsta)

And THEN proceeded to say, "Well, technically, Anne and HENRY are married, too..." So that's [insanejournal.com profile] martyred_queen & [insanejournal.com profile] good_to_be_king.

.... OF COURSE I'm gonna say, "FINE! I'm married to your husband!"

Geez. I'm not his WIFE, I just play her on the internet.

Four times.
Anne Adama: Can you give him a sedative BEFORE I tell him I got married?
Doc Cottle: Hmmm ... nope. After. You want him to remember that you told him. Right?
Anne Adama: *whimpers* Grandpa's MAKING me tell him.
Doc Cottle: You wanted him to do it. didn't you?
Anne Adama: No. I just wanted him to know.
Doc Cottle: So he told you you should tell your Dad?
Anne Adama: No, he's MAKING me tell my dad. Big difference.
Doc Cottle: Ok. How is he MAKING you tell your Dad?
Anne Adama: *gives him the patented Adama LOOK* How does Grandpa MAKE anyone do anything?
Doc Cottle: *smile* Oh. Don't worry. You tell him and I'll hit him with the sedative right after.
Anne Adama: *with a motion* Just... JAB HIM. Right in the neck, okay?



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