Let me tell you a quick story:

Once upon a time, there was a guy and this guy lived in a nice little town and had nice little neighbors and was friends with Bob down at the local grocery. And one day this guy (we'll call him Joe) was like, "I'm gonna go over here and do my own thing. Ya'll are great, don't get me wrong, but it's just... something is missing. I need to be free to be me." And Bob and Bob's wife Sue and Jill and Jack and Camille or whoever were like, "Joe, you're a funky guy, but whatever floats your boat."

So Joe goes and does his own thing and WOW, he thinks it's just the bees knees. So he says, "Hey, Bob. Look at this." And Bob says, "Joe, you've gone over the edge. Stay away." And Joe's like, "Well, okay then." And he doesn't go near Bob any more. But he DOES go to Jack and to Jill and Jack and Jill are like, "Well, that seems cool, but eh, not our thing. Good luck." And Joe moves on. And then he goes to Camille and Camille's like, "Oh, HEY. Now that's something I can get behind. Tell me more."

And Joe does. He tells her everything he's found out and off they go to be happy. And they're not bothering anyone. But Bob? Bob's just still not happy. So Bob? He rounds up the guys (George and Bill and Carl) and they head over to Joe's place and say to Joe, "Joe, tell us more." And so Joe does. But they don't really WANT to know more, they just want to mock him and tease him and then smack him around a bit for being a putz. So they do. But Joe knows he's got a good thing going, so he keeps telling people and some want to know and some don't and that's the way of the world.

But Bob, he just can't let it go. And now, he's got Mark and Edgar and John, too. And now ALL of them go and ask Joe what's up. And Joe says what's up and they say, "Joe, we're just not down. We want you to come back to Coolville with us." And Joe says, "Nah, I'm gravy, things are going good and hey, people are gettin' down with what I'm saying."

Well, Bob can't have that, so he and his crew grab Joe, and a few of Joe's buddies, and they chuck them in a room, shuts the door and he and his buddies open fire. Joe dies.

The End.

For the record: Bob wasn't happy with that, though. He went back to ALLLLLLLLLLLL of Joe's friends and made them leave their homes, their cities and the entire state. They had to move to Utah to go on doing their thing. Even then? I'm just saying.


What have we learned? That discrimination is discrimination and wow, it is SO not new. Intolerance is intolerance and hey, [SHOOTING UP SEVEN CHURCH BUILDINGS] is just a pretty much asshatty thing to do. Way to go. You've SO made your point and I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that the Mormons in Utah have seen the light.

OH, there's more... )

Now, I don't care who gets married. I don't. But I think it says something that the government, the Supreme Court says that homosexuals can, and the PEOPLE take it away. That's not elected officials. That's not even campaigning.

Those are your neighbors. That's Bob.

EDITED TO ADD: Aka: What this post was really about, since I think the point got away from me there... You know, this wasn't the government stifling your rights and it wasn't The Big Bad Mormons. This was your neighbor and your grocer and your friends. But no one wants to say so because they don't want to have to risk go to the store or to church or anywhere else where they might get jeered at or judged. Because even though YOU say it's okay for The Ghey's to get married? It's just as okay for THEM to say it's not. Even if you don't agree. And while I say, "Sure, get married." Other people say, "No way, Jose." And that's as valid as anything else. And that's the way it is. Welcome to America.
You want bigotry? I got your bigotry right here:

There ya go.

For the record? The LDS church doesn't make a forceful stance on politics, ANY politics. What they do is say where the church stands and tell you to vote your conscience.

OH, is that pressure? Because a CHURCH defines marriage between a man and a woman and says, "Now, go vote your conscience", will everyone? No. Oh, hey, Steve Young, you NFL Quarterback and descendant of Brigham Young, what are YOU voting this year?

"We believe ALL families matter and we do not believe in discrimination, therefore, our family will vote against Prop. 8" ... well, good for you. :D

See, not all Mormons are going to push their way into your home and forcibly take your wedding rings and rip up your wedding certificate.

ALTHOUGH, I do have to say, if the missionaries rifled through my panty drawer, I think they'd be sorely disappointed.

P.S.: What the alphabet would look like with the letters Q & R removed )
And how Kyle learned a lesson that he'll never forget )

I love me some primary kids, anyway.

Also? The bishop was a hoot. He was like, "Soooooo, do you play piano?" I said, "Um, no." He says, "Any other musical instrument?" I said, "Um... I play the viola?" He said, "Do you have one? Because that'd be a really beautiful sacrame-" Me: "I don't. Sorry." So he says, "How about leading music? Can you do that?" I said, "Well, I COULD, you know... if I HAD to."

He smiled. <3


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