SCENE: Older sister crawls into bed with younger sister. She is known for being somewhat 'scared of the penis' and hasn't had sex in seven years. The younger sister is known for being more sexually free and has toys to indicate such stashed all over her room.

Younger Sister: *indicates she wants her back tickled, something the Older Sister finds tedious*

Older Sister: If you want that, I get something big.

Younger Sister: *muffled as her face is in the pillow* It's in the top drawer.

Today clearly isn't going to be any better than yesterday. I stare at the screen and am boggled at some of the shit I see written there.

... Full moon?

... RAAAAAAAAAAGING cases of PMS everywhere?

... bad spinach for lunch yesterday?

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with all you people, but leave me the fuck alone. Until you get your stories straight and/or get some fucking sleep, leave me the fuck alone. And if that means that you must detach yourself from AIM/EMAIL/RP whatthefuck ever until then? So be it. Just leave me the fuck alone.


Disabling comments. Want something? Email me. If you hit me up on AIM? I'm deleting that shit.


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