For whatever reason, Nick Bryant decided I was going to get NO SLEEP last night. And when I say no sleep? I mean that I was checking the clock every 45 minutes, sometimes less.

This man, for NO REASON I CAN FATHOM, sat in my brain (thank you so much, Teresa, go jump in a lake) and... fuckifIknow, did nothing all night long. And get this! The mun for another character was there (that Lucky chick) only SHE looked just like her PB (since I don't even know what she MIGHT look like) and it was all about his suits and shit.


I think he wanted to hold meaningful convos with the wife of his that lives in MY head, but HELLO, we were trying to sleep. And by GOD, I have NEVER had that happen to me before. Fake people (THAT DON'T EVEN BELONG TO ME) keeping me awake.

And dammit, HE'S REAL. He's a real person. He was just waaaaaaaaandering around. Lookin' all smart and shit in his suits.

Note to self (and T): No more talking about that man's clothes ever again. And I'm not screencapping anymore shieze. NO MORE. *needs drugs, clearly*

EDITED: THIS. He wanted to know if I liked the [LIGHT GREY SUIT] or the [DARK GREY SUIT] better. ARGH!
So, this afternoon, I took a nap.

And in the nap was a house. And in the house was like, this secret way to get to the attic-place. And I'd been in that secret way to the attic-place before in another dream, right? I think it was in a dream.

Anyway, in my dream today, it was like this cult group was telling me to go up there for some 'rite' or thing (SEX) and it was REALLY SCARY. I remember being absolutely terrified in my dream. Not of this guy, but of these people.

So I went up this secret way to the attic-place which was SO CLAUSTROPHOBIC and then I was in this attic-place which wasn't and this woman, who was the leader of this cult thing, sang this song and though I forget the words (something about chairs and candles?), the tune is still in my head and, no joke, this is why I can't sleep tonight.

I'm scared to go to sleep because of a bad dream I had earlier today.


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