Lodi said that Shannon and Daniel needed another kid because Shannon missed out on the whole Hattie thing. And that there needed to be an awkward...


So there was.

[EDITED TO ADD] Thoughts:

JACK: Wants to know why Sam's in her stasis pod outside

SHEPPARD: *thinking* "Yeah, that's right, I'm at this Thanksgiven dinner"

RONON: *thinking* "I'm... too sexy for my... hair..."

RODNEY: Having joy about pie

KITT: *thinking* "Why is Cam standing behind me with a gun?"

CAM: *thinking* "I shot that turkey myself."

DANIEL: *thinking* "I KNEW we shouldn't have invited anyone except Rodney."

SHANNON: *thinking* "Is this my baby or Hattie's?


WOOLSEY: "My top is striking this year..."

TEAL'C: "Indeed."

She was going through and reading the AIM convo I'd had with Eric where we'd named the married couples we have going:

- Lee/Dee ([insanejournal.com profile] arrow_of_apollo/[insanejournal.com profile] stuck_in_cic)
and because we'd just made Rosalie & Emmett from Twilight: [insanejournal.com profile] iceblonde & [insanejournal.com profile] hellsnotsobad.

Well, she pointed out we forgot Anne & Nicky ([insanejournal.com profile] elegant_legacy & [insanejournal.com profile] deck_gangsta)

And THEN proceeded to say, "Well, technically, Anne and HENRY are married, too..." So that's [insanejournal.com profile] martyred_queen & [insanejournal.com profile] good_to_be_king.

.... OF COURSE I'm gonna say, "FINE! I'm married to your husband!"

Geez. I'm not his WIFE, I just play her on the internet.

Four times.
... but watching Capslock SPN get kicked off of FandomSecrets? *snickers* OH MY GOD.

Okay, so the mod finds out that Capslock SPN has a tag 'f!s'. Well, yeah. Because they take the SPN secrets daily and mock them. If they're SERIOUSLY mock-worthy, well, heaven help the person who made it because these people are FUNNY AS SHIT.

Well, some of them are trolls. Jensen/Horse? Come on. So the girls at Capslock SPN call each other out and act as if each of THEM made it and no, not always. Every now and again, maybe. So, the Fandom Secrets mod hears that they have this tag and what does he do?

MAKES A POST SAYING THAT TROLL-y SPN SECRETS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Well, most of the secrets over there are LOL worthy, so who decides? He says that anyone who's secret gets tossed into the 'troll' pile can say (either in PM or anon comment) that it's a 'REAL' secret. Well, who's to say that a TROLL won't do the same?

DUDE. This is Fandom Wank waiting to happen. Also? The post calling out Capslock SPN has far more comments than the one with today's secrets.

Amused? Me. *hee* Yeah, a lot.
Seriously? There is seriously wank in the SPN fandom about DEAN WINCHESTER using 'skank' 'whore' and 'bitch' as words to define, oh, say... female demons?

You know, the things he's been fighting since childhood? This guy has spent his entire life on the road, shooting stuff and exorcising bad guys. Vampires, werewolves, demons, gods, what-have-you and after THREE SEASONS IN, fandom is bothered?

... I'm a bit bothered by fandom.

See, he doesn't call Ellen a bitch or a whore or a skank. Or Jo. Or Cassie. Why do you think that is? I mean, other than the fact that Ellen would rip his spine out. But seriously? He gets angry at demons and riles them up and yeah... big surprise. What do women freak about about? "OMG, so-and-such called me a bad name!"

Seriously, wanna piss of a random female? Call her a whore. Or worse? Cunt. Why? Because these are apparently VERY DEGRADING TERMS. "I just called you a VAGINA!"

So, now everyone is up in arms because, after three seasons, Dean called Bela all kinds of names. Or Ruby. Or something. I don't know, really. But someone made a post with the degrading things Dean said and NO JOKE, everyone lost their shit. But, back to Bela. Nevermind the fact he left her to die (and yeah, he knew after he confronted her because he recognized the stuff on her doorway). But don't call her an ugly whore. Or a skank. Or a bitch. That's just really taking it too far in our fictional world, you big misogynist.

Misogynist. Word this is SO being tossed around like it's nothing.

Seriously: House is a douche but in the end, he saves patients so it's okay that he has never called Thirteen by her name? That he talks about Cuddy's breasts all the time? ALL THE TIME. Point me out the difference.



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