Anne Hathaway @ the 2009 Academy Awards

Then? THEN?! She sang and she danced with Hugh Jackman during his opening number. Proof?

Gorgeous. Utterly gorgeous.
I went down to the car to check on her since I hadn't moved her in two days (uh, snow!) and my parking spot was AWESOME and I wanted to make sure that no one had slid into her...


Now I have a winter icon that isn't the Bristow Family Christmas and Lucy has her own icon. ♥
Lodi said that Shannon and Daniel needed another kid because Shannon missed out on the whole Hattie thing. And that there needed to be an awkward...


So there was.

[EDITED TO ADD] Thoughts:

JACK: Wants to know why Sam's in her stasis pod outside

SHEPPARD: *thinking* "Yeah, that's right, I'm at this Thanksgiven dinner"

RONON: *thinking* "I'm... too sexy for my... hair..."

RODNEY: Having joy about pie

KITT: *thinking* "Why is Cam standing behind me with a gun?"

CAM: *thinking* "I shot that turkey myself."

DANIEL: *thinking* "I KNEW we shouldn't have invited anyone except Rodney."

SHANNON: *thinking* "Is this my baby or Hattie's?


WOOLSEY: "My top is striking this year..."

TEAL'C: "Indeed."
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( Oct. 8th, 2008 11:07 am)
I took myself off the list.

Who comments the most on this journal? )

I feel the need for a 1000 comment post. You know, where I throw a party and everyone comes? Bring your muses and photobuckets? One of those. Hmmm.
From an entry I wrote on a bit ago on, oh, LJ... )

AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. I remember that day. *GIGGLEFIT* Okay, okay. Icon. There. Happy?!

[Today's puzzle completed 1 Min, 22 Secs]



So, I have a meeting with the school this afternoon. I knew Rach was gonna hafta work and I figured that Cher was gonna be working, so... yeah. Wish me luck. I just really don't want to do that 'get frustrated and to avoid saying/doing something I shouldn't I start crying' thing. Cher does it, too. OH, those people make me SO ANGRY. Grr.


BUT! The most beautiful pink and white Gerber Daisies were delivered to my house this morning. Just gorgeous. <3 Thank you, Meredith. I'll take them with me tomorrow. *LOVES* You're awesome.


THIS icon is still making me giggle. All because Kara started Cult of Mo on LJ and now it's here, too. *hee* Join and KEEP YOUR BALLS. No Kool-Aid. ;)


What happens when RP meets... well, LANI's commentary and Meredith's graphic skillz. *snickers*


TONIGHT: BSG - OMG YAY! Kara's whacked. Gaisu-san = Still the only one getting laid. Someone DO something, thanks. :) Dad? Mom? ... ugh, LEE? Geez.

LAST NIGHT: SUPERNATURAL - Too bad that Lani's spent the last few eps out of my timezone. No more going, "Oh, crap! Gotta get on the horn with her."



So, everyone at UtR was joining this New Game of Awesome and was like, "JOIN THIS!" So, I app'd, right? Accepted, made my OOC intro post. *hee* And who should comment but OMFG- BRIX. Oh, my gooduhness, BRIX! I did not know you were an RP'er here. Last time I RP'd with Brix was at Celebsomethingorother on LJ. And THAT was whacked. Only time in my life I enjoyed messing with Kate Bosworth. *hee* ANYWAY. THIS is gonna be fun. <3

So, see why I needed tons of icons? Too many topics to cover them all.

Plus: Jo, glad Strider's doing better. Cher? No more dizzy-driving. Rach, the IRS can suck cock.

1. Bold the shows you've watched every episode of
2. Italic the shows you've seen at least one episode of
3. Post your answers

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[[OKAY, so... yeah. Lani and I did this last year in JANUARY, but it had gotten lost to the I-don't-know-what's of email-land. HOWEVER! Lani, of course, has Email-foo and managed to locate. A good deal of you will remember it. ENJOY!]]

To the tune of 'Because I Got High'.

Chief Tyrol:
I was gonna fix a viper, but then I got high
I was gonna overhaul it and make it fly, but then I got high {Or maybe, Now the Old Man's pissed at me, because I got high?}
Now I'm stuck in hack, and I know why ...

Doc Cottle (aka, Doc CYLON):
I was gonna fix Saul's eye, but then I got high
I was gonna put it back in his face, but then I got high
Now he's a one eyed drunk, and I know why ...

Laura (aka, the HIGH Priestess):
I was gonna keep Hera hidden, but then I got high
I was gonna put her on Colonial One, but then I got high
Now she's with the Cylons, and I know why ...

Bill, Kara, Sam, Ellen, Lee, D'Anna, Gaius )
Another shower followed by a stint in the jacuzzi tub equalled a little bit of relief, but eh. I still feel so queasy. :-/ That's just gonna be that, apparently.

Muse-wise: Shan's game is still going great. The rest of them, it's a lil prompt here and a lil prompt there just to keep them up and running, but other than that, eh. I mean, Antigone has the propensity to still be the loudest, but I don't want to RP with anyone when it comes to her. Her history is too... complicated. Hattie and Kitt are still the cutest thing this side of the Rockies and after watching the extended stuff with BSG... well, THOSE muses are just SCREAMING. :D In a good way, of course.

And then, it's the personal stuffs... like, ZOMGBIRTHDAYS! )
So, clearly, chocolate (which I don't like and don't eat much of anyway) is a migraine trigger for me, because ohmygod ow. Lesson learned.

Had a meeting this morning that went really well. I'm happy with the outcome. Also, my phone problem was fixed for the most part. Turns out the lady signed me up for the 900 minute plan when for 40 bucks more, the unlimited minutes plan was what I had asked for. Oy. ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS LATER, holy shit.

Also, watched Space Camp this morning and War Games this afternoon. Um, yeah. Space Camp reminds me of my own childhood and War Games STILL gives me chills. Only this time, while watching it? I realized that I KNEW ONE OF THE GUYS IN IT! Like, I recognized him. From Stargate SG-1. For those keeping score, the friend he goes to see about Falken's printout, Jim? Yeah, Nerus - Ba'al's buddy. Also played Bailey Pruitt in Mystery, Alaska AND the Major who shoots himself in Dances with Wolves.

Serious hand --> forehead moment. It all came in a WHAM moment. I love those. :D

... onto RP thangs.

When it comes to RP/Writings and thangs, I'm just so not in the mood. I mean, I have Shan in a game somewhere and that's fun, and I'm doing lil prompts here and there that I pick up from different comms, but other than that, eh.

I told Rach like, months ago when I first put everyone on hiatus that I was done 'begging' for it and really, I guess that's what it boils down to. I'm not feeling it and really, no one else is. I don't blame them. Heh. Maybe some other time.

How about a nice game of chess? ;)


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