So, as much as I loved that banner that Yumi made special for me? Yeaaaaaaaaaaah. It was FAR too pastel. The response is to go in the other direction:


I present to you the revamped [ profile] ramdonomo layout, by (who else, really?) [ profile] scifijunkie. :D Who rocks it like a badass rockin' thang.


So, I love me some BSG, but Saul and Six were depressing me. Not that [MY NEW LAYOUT] is much better in the 'depressing' bit but OHMYGOD SO MUCH PRETTY! <3

<3's to [ profile] scifijunkie for making it for me. This is so my favorite movie ever. Love love LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. LOVE! And when it comes to the arty? She completely takes the cake. Amazing skillz, y0.

Thanks, Mer. *MWAH* I'd use my new icon, but the Mo/Mer has to take precedence, yaknow?
What? What's that you say? You say, "Why, Mo, your new IJ is lookin' mighty spiffy these days!"

I know, right?! It's damn near rockin' thanks to my pretty, new banner made JUST FOR ME!

BSG comes back April 4th. Watch this, thanks. :D


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