It snowed.

If you know me AT. ALL. you know what this means to me.

I'm putting on the musiiiiiiiiiiic and light the caaaaaaaaandles and I'm going to be baking coooooooooooooookies and vacuuuuuuuuuuuuuming and um... other things that will absolutely destroy my foot. :D

And I'm going to do it happily. Why?


PS: Rach? I ♥ you. Don't forget that.
Lodi said that Shannon and Daniel needed another kid because Shannon missed out on the whole Hattie thing. And that there needed to be an awkward...


So there was.

[EDITED TO ADD] Thoughts:

JACK: Wants to know why Sam's in her stasis pod outside

SHEPPARD: *thinking* "Yeah, that's right, I'm at this Thanksgiven dinner"

RONON: *thinking* "I'm... too sexy for my... hair..."

RODNEY: Having joy about pie

KITT: *thinking* "Why is Cam standing behind me with a gun?"

CAM: *thinking* "I shot that turkey myself."

DANIEL: *thinking* "I KNEW we shouldn't have invited anyone except Rodney."

SHANNON: *thinking* "Is this my baby or Hattie's?


WOOLSEY: "My top is striking this year..."

TEAL'C: "Indeed."
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