So, we're in our 13th day of of SNOW and/or ICE. THIRTEENTH. TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS.


Don't get me wrong, ya'll KNOW me. I love the snow. I don't mind it. I don't. So I'm not upset, but I AM kinda... boggled? Stunned? A little wigged out? Yeah.

Tweak says, "A lot can change in a week."

Yeah. You should see the photos Lani took when SHE was here. DAYUM. We're up to almost two feet since we got FOUR INCHES last night. Yeah. And it's STILL SNOWING now.

A high school roof in Olympia collapsed today.
Lodi said that Shannon and Daniel needed another kid because Shannon missed out on the whole Hattie thing. And that there needed to be an awkward...


So there was.

[EDITED TO ADD] Thoughts:

JACK: Wants to know why Sam's in her stasis pod outside

SHEPPARD: *thinking* "Yeah, that's right, I'm at this Thanksgiven dinner"

RONON: *thinking* "I'm... too sexy for my... hair..."

RODNEY: Having joy about pie

KITT: *thinking* "Why is Cam standing behind me with a gun?"

CAM: *thinking* "I shot that turkey myself."

DANIEL: *thinking* "I KNEW we shouldn't have invited anyone except Rodney."

SHANNON: *thinking* "Is this my baby or Hattie's?


WOOLSEY: "My top is striking this year..."

TEAL'C: "Indeed."
SCENE: Older sister crawls into bed with younger sister. She is known for being somewhat 'scared of the penis' and hasn't had sex in seven years. The younger sister is known for being more sexually free and has toys to indicate such stashed all over her room.

Younger Sister: *indicates she wants her back tickled, something the Older Sister finds tedious*

Older Sister: If you want that, I get something big.

Younger Sister: *muffled as her face is in the pillow* It's in the top drawer.
You want bigotry? I got your bigotry right here:

There ya go.

For the record? The LDS church doesn't make a forceful stance on politics, ANY politics. What they do is say where the church stands and tell you to vote your conscience.

OH, is that pressure? Because a CHURCH defines marriage between a man and a woman and says, "Now, go vote your conscience", will everyone? No. Oh, hey, Steve Young, you NFL Quarterback and descendant of Brigham Young, what are YOU voting this year?

"We believe ALL families matter and we do not believe in discrimination, therefore, our family will vote against Prop. 8" ... well, good for you. :D

See, not all Mormons are going to push their way into your home and forcibly take your wedding rings and rip up your wedding certificate.

ALTHOUGH, I do have to say, if the missionaries rifled through my panty drawer, I think they'd be sorely disappointed.

P.S.: What the alphabet would look like with the letters Q & R removed )
For whatever reason, Nick Bryant decided I was going to get NO SLEEP last night. And when I say no sleep? I mean that I was checking the clock every 45 minutes, sometimes less.

This man, for NO REASON I CAN FATHOM, sat in my brain (thank you so much, Teresa, go jump in a lake) and... fuckifIknow, did nothing all night long. And get this! The mun for another character was there (that Lucky chick) only SHE looked just like her PB (since I don't even know what she MIGHT look like) and it was all about his suits and shit.


I think he wanted to hold meaningful convos with the wife of his that lives in MY head, but HELLO, we were trying to sleep. And by GOD, I have NEVER had that happen to me before. Fake people (THAT DON'T EVEN BELONG TO ME) keeping me awake.

And dammit, HE'S REAL. He's a real person. He was just waaaaaaaaandering around. Lookin' all smart and shit in his suits.

Note to self (and T): No more talking about that man's clothes ever again. And I'm not screencapping anymore shieze. NO MORE. *needs drugs, clearly*

EDITED: THIS. He wanted to know if I liked the [LIGHT GREY SUIT] or the [DARK GREY SUIT] better. ARGH!
There is NO WAY they were able to keep that a secret for this long. NO WAY.

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I need a DW icon.
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( Jun. 16th, 2008 08:51 pm)
So, this afternoon, I took a nap.

And in the nap was a house. And in the house was like, this secret way to get to the attic-place. And I'd been in that secret way to the attic-place before in another dream, right? I think it was in a dream.

Anyway, in my dream today, it was like this cult group was telling me to go up there for some 'rite' or thing (SEX) and it was REALLY SCARY. I remember being absolutely terrified in my dream. Not of this guy, but of these people.

So I went up this secret way to the attic-place which was SO CLAUSTROPHOBIC and then I was in this attic-place which wasn't and this woman, who was the leader of this cult thing, sang this song and though I forget the words (something about chairs and candles?), the tune is still in my head and, no joke, this is why I can't sleep tonight.

I'm scared to go to sleep because of a bad dream I had earlier today.


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