So, clearly, chocolate (which I don't like and don't eat much of anyway) is a migraine trigger for me, because ohmygod ow. Lesson learned.

Had a meeting this morning that went really well. I'm happy with the outcome. Also, my phone problem was fixed for the most part. Turns out the lady signed me up for the 900 minute plan when for 40 bucks more, the unlimited minutes plan was what I had asked for. Oy. ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS LATER, holy shit.

Also, watched Space Camp this morning and War Games this afternoon. Um, yeah. Space Camp reminds me of my own childhood and War Games STILL gives me chills. Only this time, while watching it? I realized that I KNEW ONE OF THE GUYS IN IT! Like, I recognized him. From Stargate SG-1. For those keeping score, the friend he goes to see about Falken's printout, Jim? Yeah, Nerus - Ba'al's buddy. Also played Bailey Pruitt in Mystery, Alaska AND the Major who shoots himself in Dances with Wolves.

Serious hand --> forehead moment. It all came in a WHAM moment. I love those. :D

... onto RP thangs.

When it comes to RP/Writings and thangs, I'm just so not in the mood. I mean, I have Shan in a game somewhere and that's fun, and I'm doing lil prompts here and there that I pick up from different comms, but other than that, eh.

I told Rach like, months ago when I first put everyone on hiatus that I was done 'begging' for it and really, I guess that's what it boils down to. I'm not feeling it and really, no one else is. I don't blame them. Heh. Maybe some other time.

How about a nice game of chess? ;)


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