"Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don't give a fuck HOW crazy they are!"

I <3 George Clooney.

Really? I just wanted to lick that tattoo the entire time I watched this the first time. Disturbingly, so did my mother.

From: [identity profile] queenmidalah.insanejournal.com

That's the only reason I watched the movie is cause of him. But some of the lines are great and make me giggle.

From: [identity profile] ramdonomo.insanejournal.com

The entire movie was genius. Cheech in three roles? Chet Pussy cracked me up.

From: [identity profile] bertierussellii.insanejournal.com

See, now the heart-ing of Clooney is what makes Link tense up for a moment...with jealousy. :P


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