Another shower followed by a stint in the jacuzzi tub equalled a little bit of relief, but eh. I still feel so queasy. :-/ That's just gonna be that, apparently.

Muse-wise: Shan's game is still going great. The rest of them, it's a lil prompt here and a lil prompt there just to keep them up and running, but other than that, eh. I mean, Antigone has the propensity to still be the loudest, but I don't want to RP with anyone when it comes to her. Her history is too... complicated. Hattie and Kitt are still the cutest thing this side of the Rockies and after watching the extended stuff with BSG... well, THOSE muses are just SCREAMING. :D In a good way, of course.

And then, it's the personal stuffs... like, ZOMGBIRTHDAYS!

June 14th just happens to be a Saturday this year. Go Rach. :P Lil Miss Blonde is gonna be like, 27. And? She's picked karaoke at La Palma in Lakewood. Why? I'll just answer this here: Because she's rockin' at it and she knows it. LOL People literally applaud her when she's done. :P So there. I think when I did 'Let it Be' people were excited, but eh. My voice shakes hardcore and I can't pound it out. Plus, she totally introduced me to 'Goodbye, Earl' and I <3 that song now.

July 18th is a FRIDAY and that's Batman, girlies. Now, Cher has to be with David at some point, but I'm doing Batman with my girls. I SUPPOSE David could um, tag along (:P) but... whatever. Dinner, movie... yay? Yes, months in advance, but as it's almost CHRISTMAS, my birthday is not too far away. *GRINS*

Thoughts? Plans? Ideas?

OH OH OH! Even before ALL THAT, Lani's back in May and that's BARBEQUE AT MY HOUSE! OMG, so much fun. :D This time, Cher doesn't get to make the beans. Promise promise, Rach. No peppers. LOL


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