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( Nov. 30th, 2008 08:12 pm)

Not only did I WINNED but I winned AND I finished my STORY! :D Go me.

EXCERPT... without context )

Ya'll are so excited, don't even LIE!
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( Nov. 29th, 2008 02:05 am)

TODAY: 5357
TOTAL: 26054

Oh, yes. And now we are on our way. :) I went to a write in tonight and, during a particuarly badass word sprint, wrote 917 words. I won a Caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks and OHMYGOD.


And when I'd only drunk half of it and it was time to go, I asked if they'd nuke it for me in the microwave? She said they didn't have a microwave, but she'd make me a new one. And she did.

OKAY, so today I wrote.

I mean, I'm no Lodi with her FIVE THOUSAND WORDS, but I wrote um, half that. 2512. Which brings us up to:

Tomorrow, if I write another 2500 or so... hell, I'll be... well, not as behind. Go me.

I am now at a point where I have to write more than I have already written.

This, dear flistypeeps, is Fail.

... why is it so hard this year? WHY?! I don't get it. It wasn't this hard last year, or maybe I just have rosy glasses about it? I don't REMEMBER.

Nobody talk to me about anything else until I'm back on track because this is just not cutting it. ACK.

I'm supposed to have 11667? I have 5551.

AAAAAAAAAAAND, I'm goin' in. *sighs* Wish me luck.
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( Nov. 4th, 2008 08:34 am)
I'm already falling behind. WAY behind. I need to be at 6667 by the end of the day and I MIGHT hit 5500. *sighs* This? This is not good.

I'ma have to take Lodi's advice and just tell Cheryl no. Urgh. Lovely.

And this is what NaNo is bringing us for Novembermas.

In '04, I was writing at the library in 2 hour intervals, started 8 days late, got 4 thousand words in, my file got corrupted and I quit.

In '05, I wrote the story I was gonna write in '04. At the end of November, I had two seizures in one day and very nearly didn't finish. Then? I did.

In '06, I got sick at the BEGINNING of November, got 10k behind and moaned and bitched the entire time. I swore I was gonna quit, then stayed up til 4am on the last day, racing to the end. Lodi and I almost didn't stay friends after that. :-/ My bad. I also learned this: Do not write experiences. BAD BAD BAD.

Last year? Easiest shit I'd ever done.

This year, I've already changed tenses, decided that the stuff I wrote in the beginning was complete crap and swore I was gonna quit again. OhGOD, OhGOD, we're all gonna die.


/bitchsession one
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( Oct. 25th, 2008 06:54 am)
Well, Lodi was absolutely no help WHATSOEVER in deciding which of this or that I should write about. Instead, what does SHE do? SHE gives me an entirely DIFFERENT thing to write about and man, after that, we were off and running.

What you have to understand is that from 2004 on? Lodi and I have done this crazy, wacky thing called NaNo together. In 2004, which we call our year of failure, we... well, failed. We both won in 2005, 2006 AND 2007. And like we were saying last night, it gets easier every time.

She was reading over her book (and yeah, they send you a copy of your book, or DID, from Lulu), from two years ago (which, really? Not my personal fave of my own, but we'll get to that) because she wants to pick that up and go with it again this year in a different way with the sister. Two years ago, I wrote something that was TOO close to home.

They say write what you know? Lodi and I were talking about that, too. It's more like, "Write what you know, not what you've lived." Lesson learned. :)

Last year's novel? MY one that I really liked. :D I mean, killer zombie vampire things combined with the end of the world apocalypse? How can you go wrong? Seriously. It was awesome. I read it over the other day going, "This is so bad. I'm awesome."

So, this year. I was bemoaning my lack of creativity and Lodi wanted a mystery novel and I said I was gonna just rip off an Encyclopedia Brown short story and there was Agatha Christie, Poiroit, Sherlock Holmes and... well?


Here ya go: )
You know, it's kinda stupid how lame I feel that Chris Baty didn't email ME. I mean, wtf? Everyone ELSE got shiny emails, apparently.


So lame.

Me: Why didn't Chris Baty email me?
Cher: Because he hates your guts. He thinks you're a shitty writer. Because he thinks you're stupid. It's his way of saying you shouldn't even try this year- *sees my face* OHMYGOD, I'm kidding!

Stupid fucking auto-emails. I wrote an awesome book last year, I want my free copy, too. :(
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PS: You so totally love my icon for last year's novel, don't EVEN lie!


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